"The scariest son of a bitch you'll ever meet. He reminds me of Zack. Willing to do whatever to takes. Not what is right. What's necessary."

-Claire Farron's thoughts on Spenser

Spartan D141, Spencer
185px-Robb Stark
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 23
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran - Task Force Omikron, UNSC (Formerly)
Tools MA5B assault rifle, DMR, M6D
Status Alive


Spescer was part of the Delta company of Spartan 111s. He was the most trusted by all of the heads of the program, and they told him everything. Spencer was also the most skilled Spartan 111 Delta, and was described as "The John of the program". He witnessed the rebellion of Spartan Team Maximus and their rescue by Ryan Ferran. Their rebellion confused him, and when he learned of their schedule for termination, he lost most of his faith in the program. In the year 2099 (he was given Species 0002 to prolong his usefulness) after the failure of a mission, he deserted. He was found by Ryan Ferran on Mandalore, who introduced him to Zack Sigurdson, who was visiting at the time. Zack recruited Spenser into Hellcat Squadran. Spencer joined Task Force Omikron, and became one of it's signature members.


Spencer's armor


Spenser is described by John-117 as to being like Kurt-051. He thinks of many of his allies, especially Spartans, as his friends. He is known to be quite stealthy and quiet, but at other times loud and up front. He has a strong sense of vengeance, believing that many deserve to get it. He doesn't get along with Tory, Dawn, and Ash very well, but bears them no ill. He does what is necessary, saying that doing what is right never won a war.


  • Any Spartan - He thinks of each as a friend, no matter what they think of him.
  • Task Force Omikron - He shares a sibling like bond with each member.
  • IceBite - Although not a fan of his strong belief in honor, Spenser has neutral feelings for him.
  • Ryan Ferran - He carries a strong respect fro Ryan, as he rescued the members of Maximus.
  • Veron Dredver - He treats Veron as a close friend.

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