Solid Snake
Vital statistics
Title Solid Snake
Gender male
Race Human
Physical Age 42
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Task Force Delta
Tools a LOT
Status Alive

Solid Snake (real name David, commonly referred to as Snake, and later referred to as Old Snake), was a former spy, special operations soldier and mercenary. He later joined Hellcat Squadran, as a member of the Special Ops Division.


Solid Snake, a hardened career soldier, often displayed a calm and collected demeanor, rarely showing any signs of fear in extreme circumstances. He also demonstrated compassion towards his fallen enemies. Snake claimed to be different that he loved life.

Solid Snake was often perceived as holding a degree of enjoyment towards warfare by his own allies as well as his enemies, although he himself was not as open about such behavior in comparison to his clone brothers. He was accused of being in self-denial by Liquid Snake, claiming that he also enjoys the killing, and was remarked upon by Psycho Mantis as being "worse" than his clone brother. In addition, he also holds a particular dislike towards politicians, although not to the same degree as Liquid Snake or his father, Big Boss. Snake also displayed little emotion towards people he did not know personally. Snake was also willing to use unwitting allies to further his own goals, if it allowed him to infiltrate an enemy complex more easily.

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