The character Snow Villers is from Final Fantasy XIII.

Snow Villers
Snow Villers
Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Human
Physical Age 21
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Pistol (occasionally, normally, he fights with his fists)
Abilities Magical-Based Attacks (Related to, but distinctly are not, Ivalician Mist Abilties)
Status Alive

Snow is a friend of Lightning and the fiancée of Serah Farron, Lightning's younger sister.


At one point in the past, Lightning described Snow as "arrogant and chummy from the get-go, thinks he's everyone's pal", and that his best quality was being too stubborn to die. Snow is hot-headed and shows no fear when standing before hundreds, even thousands of enemy soldiers, whether they're human, Jiralhanae, or even Dark Jedi. Snow hides whatever guilt he feels by constantly acting optimistic, though doing so causes some people to misunderstand him. Snow is also defined by his strong love for Serah. Despite her former opinion of Snow in the past (as in the 'before coming to the HS Universe' past), Lightning has come to accept Snow for who he is, and they confide in each other whenever they have doubts.


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