Skylar Elizabeth Llehctim
Vital statistics
Gender female
Race Human
Physical Age 21
Alignment Neutral Good
Tools Throwing Knives, Bowie Knives (2), Butterfly Knives (2)
Status Alive

Skylar Llehctim is the 2nd daughter of Leinad Llehctim and May Vera-Llehctim, and younger sister of Ariana Llehctim. While not as rebellious as her sister, Skylar still prefers doing things her own way. Her lack of powers meant she was always in her sister's shadow in public, and while their parents cared about them the same, Skylar quickly became the more ambitious of the 2 sisters.


Skylar is usually calm, and very imaginative. A creative individual, she was usually refered to as more intelligent than her more aggressive sister. Ariana sometimes also admits that Skylar has the stronger will of the 2, and Kr'akkus has observed that Skylar is not as afraid of loss as Ariana is.

However, Skylar feels she's been living in her sister's shadow for all her life, her sister being the one with powers, and being as she's always compared to her sister. This made her more ambitious than her sister, wanting to make her name known.

Unlike her older sister (or her parents, for that matter), once she turned 21, Skylar did not feel above occasionally imbibing in alcohol, in moderation. However, she isn't fond of Earth-made alcohols, and has described her favorite beverage to actually be Cardassian Kanar.

Relations with other individualsEdit

Leinad LlehctimEdit

While not as major as her sister's disagreements with their father, Skylar none-the-less does not see eye to eye with him 100%. However, they do get along better than Ariana does with Leinad.

May Vera-LlehctimEdit

While Skylar's relations with her father are somewhat tenuous, her relations with her mother are less-so. Skylar and May do notably get along quite well.

Ariana LlehctimEdit

Skylar is somewhat jealous of her sister's powers. While she does care about her sister, she sometimes feels like Ariana gets over-protective at times. Most of all, she's more often than not compared to Ariana, which irritates her more. However, things started to smooth over between her and her sister, when both learned just HOW MUCH they envied each other.

Serra UrecEdit

Skylar is good friends with Serra, and Skylar considers Serra one of the few people she can confide with when angry or frustrated.


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