Skar Concept
Skar, the Shadow of Death
Vital statistics
Title The Shadow of Death
Gender male
Race Unknown
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good (Formerly Chaotic Good)
Faction Nocturni Legion, Crogenitor Insurgency
Tools Wicked Blade, Merciless Dagger, Callous Gouger
Abilities Necro Genesis, 'Gamma' Powers
Status Alive

"Get out of my way!" - Skar

Skar was one of the most powerful creatures in the Nocturni Legion of the world of Nocturna, and a teammate of Orion and Viper in the Crogenitor Insurgency. He plans on becoming the ultimate power on Nocturna after the war with the Darkspore is over. He saved Serah Farron from falling off a cliff on Infinity, then Holly from Urai Fen, who only barely survived his encounter.


"Don't worry, kid! I got ya!" - Skar to Serah when the latter was knocked off a cliff by a Shielded Genader and Skar grabbed her arm

He is vicious, hasty, and cruel to his enemies. However, he has been seen aiding others, such as during the Battle of Infinity during the Consortium War when he grabbed Serah Farron's hand when a Darkspore knocked her over a cliff. Over time, the 'Hero' part of him began to take over. By the Locust/Lambent War, this transission was complete.

Skar Gamma

Skar's Gamma Mode


  • Serah Farron - During the Battle of Infinity, something spurred Skar to save Serah when she was near certain death. Skar and Serah soon became friends.
  • Snow Villers - Skar has no quarrel with him.

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