Sixtus Hust
Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Skulblakan-Human Hybrids
Physical Age 27
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Blue Suns (Formerly), Opacare Ascensor
Tools Custom-modified Blue Suns armor, M-7 Lancer, M-22 Eviscerator, M-9 Tempest, M-6 Carnifex, Polaris X Omni-Tool with Omni-Blade
Abilities Skulblakan Summoning Powers
Vehicles Nightstalker
Status Alive

Sixtus Hust is a Sulblakan-Human Hybrid, former member of the Blue Suns, and current 2nd in Command of the Opacare Ascensor.

When he was in the Blue Suns, Sixtus Hust had a girlfriend, and, following the Skulblaka Incident both turned into Hybrids. On the run, the duo were almost caught multiple times by their former comrades. In one incident, Sixtus's girlfriend was mortally wounded, and, unable to help her, she died.

This left Sixtus bitter for a time, but he was forced to continue to run, until he was cornered by the Blue Suns, only to be rescued by the arrival of Corina Dalca. After a shaky first meeting (which included Sixtus reflexively slicing Corina in half, only for her to put herself back together), they came to an agreement, in which Sixtus helped Corina form the Opacare Ascensor. The organization soon grew, and Sixtus found himself in a leadership position in the group.

He participated in the battle against the Aryoril, and although defeated, was able to put up a good fight.

He continued to serve with the Opacare Ascensor during the Ancient Reaper War, where the bond between him and Corina began to strengthen.

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