Siri Lund
Siri, after being modified
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human (Modified with Torillian Human, Trill, Antaran, Turian, and Asari DNA)
Physical Age 21
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Black Knights
Tools Scorpion Heavy Pistol, Geth Plasma SMG, M-97 Viper
Abilities Torillian Magic (Artificially-imbued via Hihiiri), Biotics (Artificially-imbued via Hihiiri)
Status Alive

Born in 2326, Siri is the daughter of Tory Lund and Dawn Zurita-Lund, but was kidnapped when she was around 13, modified by an unusual serpentine creature called the Hihiiri, that tinkered with her genetic structure, giving her several traits from previous victims of it. It would have killed and consumed her, if her parents didn't rescue her at last minute, destroying the Hihiiri.

Because of the previous victims of the Hihiiri being Torillian in nature, Siri obtained the ability to use Torillian Magic, not to mention gaining Biotics from an Asari victim. At some point, around 2348, Siri joined the Black Knights.


Prior to the incident with the Hihiiri, Siri was a shy, kind girl, who had difficulty speaking her mind. After the incident with the Hihiiri, however, her personality changed drastically, to where she had a no-nonsense, overly-serious personality. While warm elements of her former personality remain, they're deeply-buried, and near-impossible to uncover. Many believe that this is due to the trauma of that incident, others believe that it was due to the encoded DNA in her, although Siri herself admits it's likely a combination of both factors.


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