Siran Narek
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Custom-Designed Human-Imitation Android
Physical Age N/A (looks 21)
Alignment Lawful Good
Tools Plasma Carbine
Vehicles Cutlass
Status Active

Siran Narek is the name adopted by an android created by the engineer Heinrich Von Brandt to perfectly mimic his deceased daughter. When she was separated from her creator, she decided to try to build her own life. However, she sometimes still grapples with the fact that she was originally created to replace someone else.

She and Krikor Avakian, a human companion of her's, appeared in this universe. Galiana Matveev and Anya Matveev both recognize these individuals, specifically as friends, meaning they must have come from the same universe.


Due to being created to replace another individual, Siran Narek does have times where she doubts her own self-worth. She's an introvert and quick-witted, but has issues with depression. This goes back to being made to replace another individual, and therefore, she believes she has no history or story of her own.

Her time with Krikor, however, has helped stave off this depression, allowing her to live more freely.


Siran Narek was so well-designed, it is particularly easy to mistake her for an actual human, even to those who've worked with Human Replica Droids. In fact, the only way to even be able to tell she's an android is 1: if her outer skin is breached (which releases a clear, viscous cooling fluid), 2: if the individual has a scanning device of some sort that can scan for the presense of an android, or 3: the individual is a Technomancer.

Galiana has noted that, like Anya and Krikor (not to mention herself), that Siran Narek looks different from how she looked back where they came from.

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