Signal Lancer
Signal Lancer2
Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Cybertronian
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Autobots, Coalition
Tools Electrified Lance
Abilities Transforming into a Traffic Light
Vehicles None, although, since he only transforms into a traffic light, he needs one...
Status Alive

"For too long, I've let life pass me by, and now I wanna take part in the grand drama! My legacy will be written large amongst the stars!" - Signal Lancer, at the beginning of his adventure

Signal Lancer was an Autobot Refugee, but ambition lead him to start his own adventure, to 'write his legacy among the stars.' Although small in stature (about as tall as a human), he is by no means a quitter, and his Cyber Key Power supercharges his lance, transforming it into a trident, and giving him the power to take on drastically larger foes.


Signal Lancer is ambitious, and that ambition is what originally led him to become a Transformer Adventurer. An Autobot to the core, Signal Lancer lets his conscience be his guide, whether it shows him the right way, or whether it gets him into trouble.

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