Sicarius in his battle armour
Vital statistics
Title Sternenritter Gamma
Callsign None
Gender Male
Race Gallifreyian
Physical Age 27
Alignment Neutral
Faction Empire of Light
Tools Amber Mace
Abilities Amber Powers

The Neutraliser The Cleanser

Vehicles None
Status Alive

Sicarius is a former Gallifreyian who was believed to have died during Orothrim's attack on Prospero, however due to his close proximity to the Hogyoku and his intense wish to survive, he left his Gallifreyian shell and was transformed into a Sternenritter. However due to him being gravely injured, it took a long time for his body to regenerate.

Following the Oken War, Sicarius entered service of an ancient evil that sought to retake what it perceived as its own. Willing to prove himself and his new powers, Sicarius joined.

Personality: Edit


Abilites: Edit

The Neutraliser: Edit

Sicarius gained a very interesting power, as he elevated to the rank of Sternenritter. While all Amber beings are capable of neutralising non-Amber powers, Sicarius goes a step further. Like Aizen and Gin, he can even counteract Amber powers. While he does not have the incredible amount of Amber/Dark Amber, they do, he can due to some quirk of nature, "veto" all other powers. Making it as though they had never existed in the first place, literally robbing people of their powers and as if that was not enough, add them to his own. In short, what this means is that Sicarius can steal the abilities of all people whom he battles.

The Cleanser: Edit

The Cleanser is the second part of Sicarius' abilites. On his battle armour's right arm, the observer can make out, seven rings. One on the palm, one on the back of the hand, and the other five running up to the shoulder. These rings will light up if used. These rings use Sicarius' own volatile and dangerous Amber, amplify it and then generate a pulse that can kill all forms of life, no one without exceedingly powerful Amber/Dark Amber can defend against that pulse and even they, usually are rather fatigued after this.

Likewise, Sicarius is rather strained using even one of those rings, meaning it is an attack he resorts to, if no other options are left for him. It is known that if three of these rings are fired at the same time, they can wipe out an entire plane instantaneously, as such one can only imagine what would happen if all seven fired.

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