Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Cybertronian
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Evil
Faction Decepticons, Shadow Alliance
Tools Fusion Cannon
Abilities Transforming into a tank
Vehicles None, he can transform into a tank. Why does he need a vehicle?!
Status Alive

Shockwave, about to call the Driller into the fight

Shockwave is a massive cycloptic Decepticon. Shockwave is described as a hyper lethal Decepticon assassin. He is also a scientist, coming up with twisted and soulless experimental Decepticons. His weapons are as powerful as that of a small army, his fusion cannon is powered by his own personal reactor mounted on his back. Shockwave has control over the massive, vicious beast known as the Driller and rides it into battle. Shockwave's Hellcat Squadran Universe Enemy is Tory Lund, who pretty much outmatches Shockwave's skills as a scientist and weapons designer.


Shockwave, about to face Tory/Shock-claw

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