Shiva-class Cruiser
Wraith 1
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Battlecruiser
Length 450 m
Width 350 m
Height 400 m
Crew Capacity 645
Power Systems Quantum Mist Core
Engines Vacuum Glossiar Thrusters
Weapons Mist Energy Cannons, Nethicite Missiles
Class Status operational

A combination of Galactic Empire and Archadian Technology, the Shiva-class Cruiser is meant to counter the Dalmascan Leviathan. Slower and less maneuverable than the Leviathan, the Shiva makes up for it in firepower: its Mist Energy Cannons are scaled down versions of those used on the Bahamut SkyFortress and can cause massive damage within 200 meters of the blast point.

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