M808V Main Battle Tank (Sheila)
Vital statistics
Programmed Gender Female
AI Type Smart Tank
Activation Date
Faction Blue Team, Hellcat Squadran
System Compatibility M808B MBT, M808V MBT
Additional Programming Blow s*** up
Status Online
Appearance (Eye Color for Monitor) M808B Main Battle Tank

"Hello, and thank you for activating the M808V Main Battle Tank. You may call me Sheila." — Sheila, introducing herself

"My logical data analysis sector indicates that would be highly unlikely. And my bullshit meter agrees." - Sheila

Sheila, originally named F.I.L.S.S., is the vehicle-only AI behind the Blue Teams's Scorpion Tank built by an American automotive company and assembled in Mexico.

Sheila shows some indications of liking Caboose early on. However, in the middle of season 2, she falls in love with the Red Teams's robot, Lopez. Before long, the two attempt to lead a Robot Revolution against the humans in response to perceived abuse that they have received: being constantly blown up or possessed by ghosts. This idea stemmed from Church's attempt to prevent them from doing so, in his endeavors to change the past, in which Lopez to create a vehicle which would later be stolen and used by O'Malley. After O'Malley kidnaps Lopez, however, she puts aside her differences in order to help the soldiers retrieve him.

While she has little knowledge on how to fight alien combatants she is capable of holding her own against humans and humanoid aliens.

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