The Shandia are one the last inhabitants of Gallifrey. Though what is actually so remarkable about them is not that they survived the Cataclsym, but truly what they are. They are a cross breed of Gallifreyians and Marethari, though laking Amber. Their origin has long since been lost and only very few even know where such knowledge could be found. Their main residence is the Upper Yard, the territory of Gallifrey claimed by God Enel though they have been known to inhabit other areas too. The exact role of the Shandia during the Great Purge and the Cataclysm are unknown. Though they are batteling Enel to this day. This has lead to the assumption, that they at least opposed the Samurai after the Cataclysm.


All Shandia are very tall, around 1.8 meters on average. But their most interesting feature is that they all have small angle wings on their backs. But these wings are no longer functional and the Shandia can not use them to fly. Other interesting aspects are that their bodies heal a lot faster than that of beings on the common planes. Also their strenght nearly rivals that of true Gallifreyians or Marethari making them a thread to both. They also possess their own supernatural abilities, though they vary strongly between Marethari und Gallifreyian abilities.

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