Shadow Separatists
Vital statistics
Leader Orifiel
Head of State
Head of Government
Commander-in-Chief Seraphiel
De-Facto Leader (if Applicable)
Affiliation N/A (Ties with the Army of Light)
Language(s) Shadows Language, Standard
Composite Races {{{races}}}
Date Formed
Conflicts Involved In

The Shadow Separatists are a dissident movement of Shadows that are against the main Shadows Alliance and their Alliance of Unrelenting Darkness allies.

Specialized RankingsEdit

There are various races and ranks in the Shadow Separatists. Some members of these races are part of specialized sections of the organization.

The 13 MessengersEdit

The Messengers are 13 humans, specially modified by the Shadow Separatists, to serve as ambassadors to other factions. Each of the Messengers is named after a sign of the Zodiac.

Here are the Messengers in the Shadow Separatists:

  • "Aries"
  • "Taurus"
  • "Gemini"
  • "Cancer"
  • "Leo"
  • "Virgo"
  • "Libra"
  • "Scorpio"
  • "Ophiuchus"
  • "Sagittarius"
  • "Capricorn"
  • "Aquarius"
  • "Pisces"


The naming of Shadow Separatist ships and individuals is theological and celestial in nature: the Messengers are given names of the signs of the Zodiac (of which, the Shadow Separatists include Ophiuchus as one of), the Shadow members are given angelic names for identifiers (such as Orifiel and Azrael), and Shadow Separatist ships use names of Demonic origin (such as the Abaddon and Ornias).



Non-Shadows SoldiersEdit

Command StaffEdit

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