Shadow Vessel
121026 2
Shadow Vessel firing its Energy Beam
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Capital Ship
Length Variable
Width Variable
Height Variable
Crew Capacity 1 organic being as CPU
Power Systems Unknown
Engines Unknown
Weapons Few
  • 1 High Energy Beam Weapon
  • 1 Jump Point Destabilizer
Class Status operational

The Shadow Vessel (sometimes known as Battle Crab or The Ghost) was the primary starship of the Shadows.

Easily distinguished by it's spiny, almost spider like shape and it's constantly undulating black skin, Shadow vessels are known to have a deeply unsettling effect on sentients and can somehow project a scream like noise into the mind of any that get near it as it goes by.

Their FTL Drives operate similarly to Holly Lund-Urec's Phase Space Drives, and utilize powerful weapons to destroy adversaries. They also operate as carriers.

A group of these vessels were part of the reason for the Alliance of Unrelenting Darkness's near-victory at the Battle of the Haxion Nebula, and it was only due to the Army of Light's intervention that the Coalition Forces won, let alone escaped with their lives.

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