One of the most recent advances in Hellcat Squadran's metallurgical research, Serpentarium is the name given to one of 13 metals, each named after a Zodiac Sign (Except, possibly, for Serpentarium, named after Serpentarius, aka Ophiuchus, which isn't officially a Zodiac Sign, but is on the same path in the night sky as them), developed by Hellcat Squadran, in cooperation with other Hellcat Squadran subfactions.

Serpentarium is a powerful metal alloy used for armor plating, weapons projectiles, and hullframes for ships that can survive the outer layers of stars for a good period of time (around 3 days or so, before it starts to heat up the interior). While not best for everything, Serpentarium can be used for such a wide variety of purposes, Omega Squad makes fequent use of the material.

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