Serielye Pahlke
Vital statistics
Gender female
Race Half-Elf (Moon Elf/Human)
Physical Age 20
Alignment Neutral Good (with Chaotic Tendencies)
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Combat Suit, .44 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 29 (with 8⅜inch barrel) (designed after her father's), Dagger
Status Alive

Serielye is the daughter of Alban Pahlke and Aria Shadewood. She takes after her father, when it comes to how she fights. She uses a .44 Revolver specifically modeled after Deadeye, her father's Magnum. She also has a similar suit of combat armor.


Serielye is a confident individual, sure in her own abilities. However, she's also a quick learner, more than ready to increase her abilities. She doesn't charge blindly into a situation, rather prefering to take in as much knowledge on it as she can.

She also has a tendency of creating creative ways of defeating enemies. At one point, she even defeated her own mother in a training duel, with just a piece of string and a few paper clips.

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