Excelsior Refit 25th Century
Orthographic view of the Seraphea after its upgrade
Vehicle statistics
Owner Adina Snow
Starship Class (if Applicable) Modified Excelsior class Cruiser
Starship Type Armed Medical Ship
Faction White Mages
Power/Weapon Systems
Special modifications
Status Active, Refitted

The Seraphea was an Excelsior class Cruiser procured by Adina Snow and used as one of the medical ships for her group, the White Mages.

However, when the Borg attacked, the Seraphea was heavily damaged and Adina captured. However, the group was rescued by the Black Knights, a mercenary organization led by Adina's uncle, Sylas Llehctim.

When the Seraphea was recovered by the Black Knights, they modified the vessel with powerful Rebel Advent weapons, as well as other offensive and defensive systems, for use on the ship, as well as upgraded medical equipment, before giving it back to Adina.

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