Seraph-XS Concept
Seraph-XS, the Infiltrator
Vital statistics
Title The Infiltrator
Gender female
Race Combot
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Crogenitor Insurgency, Hellcat Squadran - Phantom Legion
Tools Explosive Launcher, Turret Activator, Explosive Emitter
Abilities Cyber Genesis, 'Beta' Powers
Status Alive

Seraph-XS is the only completely inorganic Cyber Hero from Infinity. She met Hellcat Squadran on Scaldron with most of the Crogenitor Insurgency.


Her personality is one of an individual who selflessly protects her allies, and is endlessly kind to them, while being relentless and ruthless against her enemies in combat.


  • Seraph-XS is the only Cyber Genesis Genetic Hero that is actually a total robot. All the others are Cyborgs.
Seraph-XS Beta

Seraph-XS's Beta Mode

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