Sennes Cerurec
Sennes in 2298
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 20
Alignment Neutral
Faction None
Tools Red Lightsaber, Blue Lightsaber, Double ended Purple Saber
Abilities Force Powers, Force Rage, Shadow Powers, Light Powers, Biotic Implants
Vehicles YT-1300 Light Freighter
Status Alive

Sennes Cerurec is the combination of particles taken from the bodies of Sen Urec and Nes Ceru. He is completely neutral, but will sometimes help either side.


Creation and Early ActivityEdit

Sennes was created by an unknown entity with the bodies of Sen Urec and Nes Ceru. He matured four times faster then any life form before, and stopped physically aging at twenty. He struck out against his creators and became a merc. He briefly helped out Hellcat Squadran by killing Kcaz Nosdrugis, and vanished for a good while afterward. He found a missing-in-action Sola Kerana and trained her for a time.

Mortis TournamentEdit

He later resurfaced and restored the body of Sen Urec, and brought Sen, Darth Agonon, Dinaya Orslade, Loran Bendak, and Aurora Ferran, alongside Sola, to a mission to Mortis, where a deadly fighting tournament between lightsiders and darksiders was being fought for dominance. After Sen was killed and Agonon abandoned the group, Sennes betrayed the group for unknown reasons and trapped Loran and Aurora in a cave. He returned and teleported himself and Konstantin Valerius away to Ilum, where they had a duel of largely unknown results.

Terrorist ActivityEdit

In 2298, Sennes recruited Hellcat Squadran's number one most wanted Ian Bauer to do something for him.

Personality and TraitsEdit

He is known to have a mix of his originals' personalities, being both caring and cruel, sarcastic and understanding, good and evil. He has the powers of both Sen and Nes, with Light being added to counteract the Shadow. He is a legendary swordsman, rumor has it he could rival Gilgamesh, but these rumors have yet to be confirmed. He also has biotic implants, giving him an advantage over other force users. He is known to sometimes sway dangerously to one side of the force before returning to neutrality.


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