Sen Urec
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Vital statistics
Title Sith Rebel
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 20
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Two Blue Lightsabers
Abilities Force Powers, Force Rage
Vehicles YT-1300 Light Freighter
Status Alive

Sen Urec is a former Sith Apprentice who rebelled after his universe was brought into the Hellcat Squadran universe.


Sen Urec was found by a Sith reincarnation of Darth Bane, who, upon sensing Force Powers within Sen, took him as his apprentice at the age of six. Fourteen years later, their universe was absorbed into the Hellcat Squadran Universe. Sen, witnessing a battle between the Shadow Alliance and The Coalition, turned on his master and killed him.

Mercenary LifeEdit

Sen became a Mercenary until the end of the Shadow War, at which point he decided to let his reputation as someone who practically worked for the Coalition die down. He generally stopped existing to the world, though witnessed Surotrat's death at the hands of IceBite.

Consortium WarEdit

He joined Hellcat Squadran and was assigned to Zeta wing at the beginning. He survived through the entire war, but was wounded by a force of Consortium Defilers during the battle of Reach.

Owen's ReturnEdit

Sen was at base when a group of enemy troops attacked. he and Beyghor Lammitt helped the phantom legion fend of and kill the attackers.

Personality and traitsEdit

Sen is determined, stubborn and slightly sarcastic (though not as much as Zack). he is quite blunt, and has a good sense of humor. He is also known to be quite caring and protective, particularly in the cases of Holly and Leandra. Even to the extent of jumping in the way of a flamethrower attack for Holly.

The Stardrift EsperEdit

Sen owns a modified YT-1300 light freighter. he lives in it rather then a house.


  • Zeta Wing - Sen has a strong friendship with each member of Zeta, especially Leandra, who they mutually treat as siblings.
  • Ryan Ferran - He gets along with Ryan, and often spends time training with the Phantom Legion Troops.
  • IceBite - He respects IceBite's leadership and combat capabilities.
  • Lightning - He and Lightning are friends, and sometimes spar together.
  • Serah Farron - The two know each other rather well given the friendship between him and Lightning. They are on Decent terms.
  • Snow Villers - They get along fairly well.
  • Holly - Sen harbored a crush on her up until jest before the battle of The Hollow, where he decided he was falling in love. He even jumped in front of a flame boomer's attack to save her. They eventually married.

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