Sen Archer Renner
Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Human
Physical Age 21
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Abilities Force Powers
Vehicles Modified GTF Myrmidon
Status Alive

Sen Renner is the oldest of the Renner Triplets, being the older brother of Sasha Urec and Anastasia Renner. His skill with the Force has been described as some as 'promising', with a few thinking he may become as skilled as his grandfather with the Force one day.


Sen is particularly up front in his personality. He usually ensures others know what he wants, and was the more commanding of the triplets.

Equipment and VehiclesEdit

Sen's main weapon is a lightsaber, although he sometimes has a pistol tucked away in case he's attacked without his lightsaber.

He didn't get a personal craft until 2326, when he procured a GTVA GTF Myrmidon. His Myrmidon is equipped with a bank of 2 UD-8 Kayser cannons, a bank of 4 Subach HL-7s, a bank of GTM Stiletto II SDMs, a bank of GTM-4a Tornado missiles, and a bank of GTM MX-6 Tempest Missiles.

Relations with other individualsEdit

Sasha UrecEdit

Sen originally didn't get along with Sasha, due to their differences, but after Anastasia's outburst on how Sen (and their mother Elle) had been treating Sasha, he tried actively to get along with her, and found it to be not too difficult.

Sen was hit hard by Sasha's death, but was easily able to keep himself from succumbing to despair, by, as he says "burying the past, to face the future".

Anastasia RennerEdit

Sen is more openly-caring about Anastasia, due to her shy nature. He was somewhat more protective of her, because of it. However, when Anastasia's personalities were fused, and this resulted in her more take-charge personality, Sen had learned by then to back off.

Maya ArslanEdit

Initially, Sen was indifferent about Maya, and didn't really associate with her much (or WANT to associate with her much). However, after Sasha was killed, Sen began to associate with Maya, and actually began to grow close to her.

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