Selen Leanason
Selen Leanason
Vital statistics
Title Zeta 5
Callsign Sel
Gender female
Race human
Physical Age 22
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran, Zeta Wing
Tools 2 M93 Automatic pistols, USP.45, two combat knives
Abilities Enhanced strength and speed
Vehicles A Shadowhawk 7
Status Alive

Selen Leanason is an escapee from NOD service. She became a member of Hellcat Squadran when ODST Grievous found her in a gunfight with a team of NOD assassins. When she was with NOD, she had been subjected to an experimental drug that gave her supernatural strength and speed. When she escaped, she destroyed the drug before it could be mass produced.

Personality Edit

Selen is often quiet, though has a temperament problem. She over reacts to many things. She is known to go into rages in which she is incapable of controlling herself. She hates it when people flirt with her, so does not get along with Wolf Sword and Tucker. She once attacked IceBite in one of her rages. The result was her in the med-lab for almost a month. Only known to a few members of Zeta Wing, she harbors a crush on ODST grievous. Unbeknownst to her, the feelings are reciprocated. She's the only member of Zeta Wing who gets along reasonably well with Natalia. After Most of Zeta died as an attempt by an unknown force led by the current President of the United States, Selen was reunited with grievous, who had faked death during an undercover mission. He started going by his birth name soon after, and the two started dating and living together afterwards. After the Consortium War, they became engaged.

Weapons and toolsEdit

Selen wields a pair of M93 Automatic pistols, a standard USP.45, two combat knives she has in ankle sheaths, and a black bladed katana. Her bodysuit started out as plain leather, but a few days after Zack, the one who recruited her, borrowed it for a few hours and turned it into custom, lightweight bullet and knife proof fabric. Midway through the Consortium War, she also began wearing Mandolorian Armor.

Selen, Armor

Selen's Mandolorian armor

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

She has no known powers to speak of, though has strength and speed that matches that of a UFC fighter and Usaine Bolt.


Zack SigurdsonEdit

Before most of original Zeta was killed, she harbored a crush for him. After they died and he resurfaced after faking death, they started dating. After the Time War, they became engaged.

Zeta WingEdit

She has a strong bond with each member.

Natalia LlehctimEdit

She is the only member of Zeta Natalia gets along with. Se helped her design her laser pistols.


She respects him as a leader and regrets having attacked him when she first joined.


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