Sean Renner is an ex Freelance Vigilante who, along with his younger brother, Conner, was recruited into Hellcat Squadran by Ryan and Korra Ferran, who were on shore leave in Las Vegas, in 2178.

Sean Renner
Vital statistics
Title Corporal
Callsign Boondock-1
Gender Male
Race human
Physical Age 20
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Dual Desert eagles, Dual P99s
Abilities Earth Powers
Status Alive

Personality and TraitsEdit

Sean is known to be rather witty and sarcastic in conversations. He also has a somewhat twisted and dirty sense of humor. He has a strong sense of protection for his younger brother. In battle he is ruthless and swift, always going for clean, quick kills. His powers over Earth give him advanced strength and speed on the ground, and he then learned to also control metal as an offshoot. After the death of his brother, Conner, Sean became slightly more aggressive and somewhat uncaring, but could also be quite kind to certain people. This was best shown when he once tortured a criminal and five minutes later was comforting someone who was crying. he also developed a strong talent for the crossbow, and was the best shot with one. He also lost his powers due to a DNA surgery, and was fused to artificial DNA that gave him powers over the Force.


"Your a good kid, Sean. You remind really remind me of my friend. Hell, all you need is powers over air and run a fighter squadran."

"What the hell type of friend did you have?"

"A crazy bastard of a friend."

-Ryan Ferran talking Sean, a few weeks after they first met.

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