Scrin (Conductius genus)
An army of Scrin in a populated area
Species statistics
Species Status Active
Height varies
Weight varies
Skin Color various, mostly purple or indigo
Distinctions various
Equipment various
Types various
Affiliation Hellcat Squadran, Flood-Scrin Alliance, Coalition
Notable Individuals Supervisor-7-19, Assimilator-12-40
Other Names



The Scrin reproduce at high rate and need only three to four years to mature. Their parents are able to choose the needed sex on what the local conditions or needs are. When Tiberium is needed, female birth rates will be high, and in war, male birth rates will rise. Though they lack words like family, they do have families. These clans usually exsist and make multiple off-spring over three years. This ability served them well, when they had such a massive empire and constant conflicts that drained their populations. As the Scrin age, they need more Tiberium to maintain their life force. However the this age is usually around 100 years and only happens if they are commanders or political leaders.


Coalition (v

Leaders: IceBite (De-Facto Leader)  • Lord Hood  • Director Davenport  • Corpos  • Supervisor-7-19  • 'Lykurgus'  • Thel 'Vadam  • Gutak 'Cyandenee  • President Velhart  • Martok  • Dregar  • Helryx • Commodon  • Mon Mothma • Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca  • Victor Hoffman  • Nalia Mae Sials  • Flelkar  • Ocato

Member Organizations: Hellcat Squadran  • United Nations Space Command  • Covenant Separatists  • Global Defense Initiative  • GC Heretics • Flood Separatists  • Scrin  • United Federation of Planets  • Klingon Empire  •Romulan Star Empire • Order of Mata Nui  • Enforcers of Tren Krom  • Rebel Alliance  • Kingdom of Dalmasca  • Coalition of Ordered Governments  • Neledia Alliance  • Glacion Star Empire  • Septim Empire

AI: 1 Junction Judicator  • 7 Recon Mainframe  • 49 Binary Falter  • 343 Guilty Spark  • 2401 Penitent Tangent  • 16807 Tiberim Chant  • 117649 Silent Cartographer  • 032 Mendicant Bias  • Cortana  • Alphaunus

Allies: Lillian York

Former Members:

Deseased Members: Sarah Harper (Hellcat Squadran)