Vital statistics
Gender male
Race Cybertronian
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Faction Decepticons, Shadow Alliance
Tools Machine Guns, Stinger, Claws, Rocket Launchers in Claws
Abilities Transforming into a Scorpion
Vehicles Blackout (Technically)
Status Alive

Scorponok is a small Transformer with a symbiotic connection to Blackout. His main drives are to hunt, destroy, and hunt some more, and nobody knows if he's truly barely sentient or is actually a cunning opponent getting friend & foe alike to underestimate him. Just as Blackout would often be found looming powerful and silent by Megatron, Scorponok is always near Blackout, except in those times he has been sent to kill.

Since he can tunnel underground with frightening speed, he's incredibly good at ambushing. His favorite pastime is playing Hide and Seek with unsuspecting players, be they robotic or organic. He prefers to be hider and seeker. He's deliberately left behind on battlefields - so he could use his chameleon mesh armour plating to blend in perfectly with the background to ambush any enemy patrols that would arrive. Megatron gave him more autonomy due to this than other Decepticons would get, as he admired Scorponok's genocidal zeal.

Despite the 132 prior years he was in the Hellcat Squadran Universe, it wasn't until 2150, when the Decepticons arrived in force, that Scorpinox found his HS Universe Adversary, in the form of Serah Farron-Villers. Like Blackout, however, he also bears a grudge against William Lennox.

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