Scimitar-class Dreadnought Warbird
Scimitar Warbird
Vehicle statistics
Starship Function Heavy Warship
Length 890 meters
Width 1350 meters
Height 245 meters
Crew Capacity 3000
Power Systems Artificial Singularity Core
Engines Impulse Engines
Weapons Various
  • Heavy Disruptor Cannons (52)
  • Plasma Torpedo Launchers (27)
  • Unknown Heavy Weapon (1)
    • Positron Beam Weapon
    • Thalaron Weapon (?)
Class Status operational

The Scimitar-class Dreadnought Warbird is a massive warship, capable of terrible offensive power. Its disruptors make it devastating in combat, but rumors persist that the Scimitar-class, or at least some Scimitars, house a Thalaron weapon system. The Scimitars confirmed in use by the Coalition, however, are confirmed to utilize a highly-powerful positron weapon, not a Thalaron weapon.

There are 2 variations of the Scimitar in existence: the Falchion-class Dreadnought Warbird and the Tulwar-class Dreadnought Warbird.

While usage of the Scimitar and its variants is highly restricted by the Romulan Star Empire, they have loaned some to a few other Coalition groups, namely the Hellcat Squadran Subdivisions Omega Squad, Science Division Delta, and the Cloak and Dagger Special Ops Team.

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