Scar'ir in his Dark Brotherhood Assassin's Gear, wielding Mehrunes Razor (note: not visible from this angle, but he DOES have a tail)
Vital statistics
Title None
Callsign None
Gender male
Race Argonian Vampire
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil
Faction Dark Brotherhood
Tools Mehrunes Razor, Crimson Eviscerator, Sufferthorn, various other enchanted daggers
Abilities Magic, Vampire Abilities
Vehicles None
Status Deceased

Scar'ir was a Dark Brotherhood Assassin from Nirn, active during Holly's time on that world. He accepted a contract from the Mythic Dawn to eliminate Holly. He was later killed by her a year later, in the Hellcat Squadran Universe at the Battle of Nirn.


Scar'ir, like all Argonians, is resistant to poison and diseases. He can also naturally breath underwater.

Like all Nirnians, he can use Magic. He mostly uses Illusion Magic (effects peoples' minds). He most commonly uses it to turn invisible, lets him be unnoticed by all but Force-Users, who still can't pinpoint him, but feel a weak disturbance in the Force.

Like all Nirnian Vampires, he can't be exposed to the Sun, or he burns up. He can also Drain a target's life and gains a bonus to his Illusion spells. He also has to drink the blood of mortal creatures. As with all vampires, the blood of Ectoplasmic Power users is toxic to him.

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