Saurinox (Saurinox celatus)
A Saurinox
Species statistics
Homeworld Antares IV
Species Status wide-spread
Height At Average: 8' 9"
Weight At Average: 500 lbs
Skin Color grey, gold, red
Distinctions saurian features
Equipment various
Types various
Affiliation various
Notable Individuals
Other Names

The Saurinox are a race that originated on Antares IV. A powerful race, resembling the theropods of Earth's dinosaurs, the Saurinox are capable combatants in a one on one fight.

The Saurinox encountered the Antarans, back when they were still regular humans, a few years after they were stranded on Antares III. Angered by the intrusion, the Saurinox lashed out at the humans, starting a war. Eventually, however, as they saw the humans' fight, the Saurinox began to realize their attack was in-error, and even grew impressed with the tenacious race. Therefore, they pulled their forces away, a few years after the war began, to let the humans lick their wound, and to allow time to pass before re-establishing contact. Eventually, a few centuries later, the Saurinox re-established contact with the Antarans, offering to provide them with economic aid, aid that the Antarans, due to issues settling in that've plagued them since they arrived, had little choice but to accept. However, relations between the races softened, and eventually the Antaran/Saurinox Alliance formed.

Saurinox are reptiles, meaning they're cold-blooded and lay eggs. Furthermore, they are predatory, and still hunt wildlife for food. While they do store larger kills for future consumption, they prefer to catch their food wild, and therefore do not "farm" their food.

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