While working for Kane Sarah Harper began suffering nose bleeds, headaches, and sezuries. Medical staff atributed it to the mind control device. Even though Harper's mind was no longer her own Kane had no control of her emotions. The symptoms crew worse and Sarah Harper started cloning herself using the cover of her trying to serve Kane. She made four clones even though Lienad could revive her the brain damage would be irrevesible each was to a tee in almost all categories. The down fall to these clones is that some took on more violent traits or became rather child like. Rumors have it that a 5th clone exists, but these are not proven at this time.


Sarah 01- This clone was not only the first but showed great potential as a replacement for her as the Sarah Harper everyone once new. She was killed by three in a moment of jelousy.

Sarah 02- This clone embodied everything Kane stood for and when she wasn't receiving the majority of Sarah Harper's time she took credit for killing unit one and then killed unit four while she was still in the cloning tank. before she could harm unit three Sarah punished her in the same maner as Kane. She even betrayed Nod and took over Sarah's role after the war.

Sarah 03- This clone was most like 01 although more shy and childlike she is usually harrased by unit 2 and at one point beaten by her. She is capable of killing without hesitation.

Sarah 04- This clone never made it out of the cloning vat.