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Sarah Harper
Vital statistics
Title school teacher
Callsign {{{call}}}
Gender Female
Race french/japanese
Physical Age 25 as of 2008
Alignment Neutral Good (Mind Control doesn't affect true allignment)
Faction none, unofficially Hellcat Squadran, later Brotherhood of NOD
Tools AK-102
Abilities hit and run tactics master
Vehicles Carryall
Status deceased with two clones as her replacement


She was the school teacher for the youngest members of the HC. Although strict, she was very caring and not by the book in her lessons. She was engaged to and very much in love with Derek Sanders. She was a regular visitor at Kaven base bringing food for Sanders or just a quick visit. She was eventually trained by Derek to the standards of Beta squadron as a form of defense. As the day of the wedding approached an air strip was set aside for use; however things played out differently.

Present dayEdit

After placing bombs across the base she detonated them killing eighteen soldiers and crippling the defense systems of the base Kane arrived to retreve her. As the base was reeling she announced her loyalty to Kane. Sanders was crushed and told everyone it was a trick and that Kane could control minds.

End of the Treklan WarEdit

As the war came to a close she began regaining control of her own actions at the cost of suffering brain damage. she knew that the only way to set things right was to use clones to make things right. This was her last act of desperation and before she blew herself up she had a clone take her place as well as provide her with a fully functional mind control device. Her legacy lives on in two of the four clones.