"For now we'll side with the Coallition in time we shall test their resolve and break their spines beneath our feet!" Sarah 02 to unknown female aid


The second clone Sarah Harper made had a sadistic nature similar to her master when Kane exerted control. Upon Sarah Harpers death she took it as an opertunity. She immediately rallied Sarah's closest allies to chalange Kane after the end of the Treklan War she claimed Kane was an inept leader and rallied her forces under the claim that she was the Mother of Nod and that Kane had failed Nod using the war as basis she promissed to make Nod a dominant Power in the new galaxy instead of being an ally of the most powerful group and would stop trying to return to their original universe. She joined the coalition in the Shadow war only to gain the upper hand against Kane. Rumors have it she uses clone technology to make her troops as not many Militia soldiers or Shadow's sided with her, but she keeps a standing army that rival's Kanes. Her bangs are dyed blue to match her faction's color. She keeps an all female guard and views seduction as a weapon. She should is comparable to a Blackwidow spider.


She is calculating and cruel and uses the same cloning machine that made her to make her personal aids that usually last a week before being brutally killed. She also kills her lovers. She doesn't discrimnate against either sex when it comes to being a black widow. The one thing she lacks are good strategies however she plays her allies well enough that they do the losing. She loaths her sister and plans to take her son and raise him as her own in hopes of training him to kill for her and has taken to using hormo treatments in hopes of being able to feed the nursing infant. However, these plans have been made significantly more difficult, as the family was moved to Kaven Base, partially because of insight by Adriana, who, very secretly, is aware of not only this other Sarah's existance, but also of her planned treachery.

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