Samuel Renner
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age
Alignment Lawful Good
Tools Custom Armor, Gunblade
Abilities Fire Elemental Powers
Status Alive

Samuel Renner is the son of Sen Renner and Maya Arslan, and the older brother of Briella Arslan. At some point in his life, he became known as "the Dragon Knight".

He occasionally works with his sister Briella, sometimes getting her help creating and upgrading his weapons, armor, and ship.


Samuel, true to his moniker, is a noble and just, if hotheaded and rash, individual. He'll willingly aid a group of civilians under attack by bandits, but is equally likely to start a bar fight just by someone making fun of his helmet hair. This is likely due to the amount of bullies and assholes he had to deal with in his childhood, making him have a hair-trigger temper. This could also explain his noble and chivalrous attitude, wanting to protect those who can't protect themselves.


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