Sage Concept
Sage the Life Forester
Vital statistics
Title The Life Forester
Gender male
Race Unknown
Physical Age Unknown
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Crogenitor Insurgency
Tools Rejuvenation Gun, Essence Cannon, Revitilazing Blaster, Renewal Cannon
Abilities Bio Genesis, 'Beta' Powers, summoning Dendrone Creatures to his aid in battle
Status Alive

I'm a Scientist, not a soldier!" - Sage

Sage is a Verdanthi Scientist who took up arms against The Darkspore, and later the Zann Consortium (and other enemies of the Coalition). He first appeared at the Battle of Scaldron.


Sage is not a fan of war, and only takes up weapons of war in necessity. He hopes to return to being just a scientist, once the Darkspore is defeated.

Sage Beta

Sage's Beta Mode

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