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She is quiet but will talk if you start a conversation with her or ask questions.She is a very kind person and is willing to help people in need. Her favourite weapon is the battle rifle.Safira was discoverd by Carack when on a scouting mission. She was apparently hit by something ,so she lost some memory and dosen't remember her parents. She then decided to join Hellcat squadron and already has a crush on someone .She is being trained by Eagle Owl on being an odst(It was Caracks idea and forced Eagle Owl to do it). Appearance She has brown hair brown eyes and white skin.(I'm not being racist)She usualy wears her Spartan armor in combat. Although she does have odst armor.



Eagle Owl-He likes her (And she knows it). But she seems to only like him as a friend.

Ark-Abnormally good friends.

ODST grievous-She doesn't beleive that he is a psychic as he claims, and he won't prove it for fear of tearing her brain apart that he has done before.

Wolf-She turns into a "Violent little bitch" (As Grievous calls her) whenever he is around Tucker. And has sent both to the med bay for two weeks.

Selen-Friends, though fight from time to time.

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