The Rule Breaker is a Pegasus-class hydrofoil it was at one point the USS Gemini however it was sold for scrap in 1996. In 2005 John Powers was drifting from job to job and living on his pention he came a cross the old ship in a scrap heap. He bought the ship and spent a year making it sea worthy. In place of the 2 × Mercedes Benz marine diesels (hullborne), andGeneral Electric LM-2500 gas turbine (foilborne) he used four Hydrogen fuel cell powered engines each pushing the ship to higher 20,000hp in each engines place. He did this to remove the cost of fuel from his daily expenses and with plenty of water he never needs to stop for fuel. The most unique feature is the retractable foils. He returned the same weapons to their original places. The lack of crew gives him a large amount of space and even allows for smuggling weapons. The Rule breaker almost always has two exocet missiles in the launch tubes next to the standard Harpoons however John prefers to use the gun in combat as the 76mm slugs are much cheaper. The Rule Breaker has spent a majority of its time at sea terrorizing environmentalist groups at sea for Japanese whaleing companies, or sitting around at the south side docks in Spain. Adriana tends to act as wife when living on the ship.

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