Roslya in casual clothes
Vital statistics
Gender female
Race Tenno (Formerly), Maktaroid
Physical Age 315 (Equivalent to 21 year old human)
Alignment Lawful Good
Faction Republic of Salleron, Maktaroids
Tools Mag/Mag Prime, various Tenno weapons
Abilities Many Powers and abilities
Vehicles Liset-class Stealth Pod
Status Alive

Roslya was a female Tenno Warrior that was severely wounded on a mission. However, as she faded into unconsciousness, an artifact she'd recovered earlier in the mission merged with her, healing her and repairing her Warframe, as well as giving her the power to transform her equipment into their Prime Counterparts for a period of time, in addition to boosting her Warframe abilities to astronomical levels.


As with all Tenno, Roslya usually thinks only about the coming mission and is awkward (to put it kindly) in social situations. Furthermore, she isn't particularly savvy towards choosing casual clothes (Eira Llehctim had to help her get a casual outfit together).

Roslya could be described as either a nerd or a geek. Her social awkwardness is only matched by her desire to learn, and is just as at home in a library as she is on the battlefield.


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