Ror 'Atuee
Ror 'Atuee Head
Ror in lighter armor
Vital statistics
Callsign Doc
Gender Male
Race Sangheili
Physical Age 39
Alignment Neutral Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran - Zeta Wing
Tools Small Medical Devices
Status Alive

Ror 'Atuee is a Sangeili medical doctor born on Sanghelios. He fought through the majority of the Ancient Reaper War before being stationed on a shared Hellcat Squadran-UNSC space station. There, he was found by the displaced Jace Ferran, who recruited the alien as the station was destroyed. Ror later served under Ferran and returned to Ferran's original time. Afterwards, joined Jace's newly reformed Zeta Wing as its medical officer and a close combat expert.


Ror 'Atuee

Two angles of Ror with his usual armor and weapons

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