Room Where the Light won't Find You
Heavy Raider FR
Vehicle statistics
Owner Corina Dalca
Starship Class (if Applicable) Extensively-modified Cinquedea-class Attack Fighter
Starship Type Heavy Reconnaissance Fighter
Faction N/A
Power/Weapon Systems
Special modifications Various
  • Enhanced Sensor Package
  • Multipurpose Torpedo Launchers (2, replace Missile Launchers)
    • Neural Drainer Torpedoes (Torpedoes that embed Neural Energy Collectors in the hull of a ship)
    • Rattler Torpedoes (Torpedoes that deploy spiked devices into a ship, designed to rattle and shake inside, causing more damage to the ship)
    • Inertial Disruptor Torpedoes (Torpedoes that disable Inertial Dampeners, usually used in conjunction with the Rattler Torpedoes)
    • Scattershot Torpedoes (Torpedoes that split into smaller torpedoes, that themselves split into smaller torpedoes, and keep splitting until impact)
Status Active

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