Romulan Republic
Romulan Republic
Vital statistics
Type Republic
Leader D'Tan
Head of State Dregar
Head of Government Donatra/Obisek (Jointly)
Commander-in-Chief Sela/Obisek (Jointly)
De-Facto Leader (if Applicable)
Affiliation Coalition
Capital New Romulus
Language(s) Rihannsu
Composite Races {{{races}}}
Date Formed 2355
Conflicts Involved In
Status Active

The Romulan Republic is a government formed in the wake of the destruction of Romulus and Remus during the Reaper War, essentially causing the Romulan Star Empire to implode.

Command StructureEdit

The leadership of the Romulan Republic consists of D'Tan, who is the main leader of the entire Republic, with Dregar, the former Praetor, as Head of State, with Donatra in charge of the Romulan Government, and Sela in charge of their military.

The Romulan Republic also included the Remans, led by Obisek. Obisek took on the role of both the Head of Reman Government and Head of Reman Military.

Commander Janek leads the half of the Tal'Shiar that did not defect from the Coalition after the destruction of Romulus, and therefore heads Intelligence Operations for the Republic, although she is most notably working to hunt down Hakeev, who took the other half of the Tal'Shiar and defected to the Alliance of Unrelenting Darkness.

Romulan Republic ShipsEdit


  • The Romulan Republic in the Hellcat Squadran Series is based on the Star Trek Online version of the Romulan Republic.
    • There are major differences, though, notably that in STO, Sela is one of the main ENEMIES of the Romulan Republic, whereas in Hellcat Squadran, she's one of the founders, and the head of the Romulan Military (alongside Obisek (who, like D'Tan, originated in STO), who leads the Reman Military).
    • Another difference is that, in STO, the Romulan Republic is in direct conflict with both the Star Empire and the Tal'Shiar, whereas, in HS, the Romulan Republic directly REPLACES the Star Empire, while the Tal'Shiar splits in 2, and, while half does join the Alliance of Unrelenting Darkness (led by Hakeev, the leader of the Tal'Shiar in STO), the other half, led by Janek (Who, while with Hakeev in STO, seemed to majorly disagree with him), remained with the Coalition and the Romulan Republic.

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