Riley Sigurdson is the third child and only son of Zack and Leandra Sigurdson.

Riley Sigurdson
Liam instyle 2
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 18
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Black Widow Sniper, M4 Carbine
Abilities Inherited Genetic Enhancement
Status Alive


Riley and his twin sister Kira were born on October fifteenth 2233. Growing up, he was often frustrated by having three sisters, though did get along with them. He graduated high school at age fifteen and after that began training for military service in Hellcat Squadran. He was trained in sniping by 'Lexus' and Linda-058, his grandmother. He became very good at moving places without being noticed, his only better being Sean Renner. He stopped aging at eighteen.


Riley behind his sniper.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Riley is sometimes a slight loner, but is mostly someone who enjoys being with others. He inherited his father's sarcasm and love of chocolate, the latter being the main trait he shares with his twin. He gets along well with his family and godparents, Sen and Holly Urec, and considers the Ferran Clan like his cousins, Uncle, and Aunt. He is fiercely protective of his twin, who he had to fight other guys for growing up, without her knowledge. He is well versed in Mandalorian Culture, and can speak the language fluently, along with French, Irish, Italian, and Japanese. He is well versed in MMA fighting, as his parents insisted he and Kira take some kind of self defense art growing up. He is known to date often, wanting to find someone, but winds up failing every time.

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