Riley Johnston is a former GDI soldier who left and joined Hellcat Squadran. He was assigned to Task Force Omikron.

Riley Johnston
Riley's File picture
Vital statistics
Callsign Wraith
Gender Male
Race Human
Physical Age 28
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran - Task Force Omikron
Tools M4A1 assault rifle, G18 sidearm, combat machete
Vehicles Shadowhawk 7
Status Alive


Riley was born on 2061, and joined GDI at age 24. He left four years later when he lost faith in it's leadership, and joined Hellcat Squadran. He was given Species 0002 and served in it's ground forces until the formation of Task Force Omikron in 2101, which he was reassigned to. He became one of it's leading stealth operatives.


Riley is described as the Silent Badass of the Task Force, not showing a lot of emotions aside from frustration and surprise. He doesn't talk a lot,

Riley in his armor.

and is known to only express himself by flipping off people he's unhappy with. He has shown no interest in women, stating in a small conversation with Veron Dredver that it saves him stress and money.


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