The Rift Storm is a direct effect of the multi-verse explosion Tartorus caused in the year 2555. These storms open new portals to different dimensions for short periods of time on a planet's surface. The storms high electrical charge causes EMP waves shutting down unprotected electronics while the shock wave of the portals level all but the most well laid structures. There are un-confirmed rumors that a Coalition Faction, the Scrin Confederation, has been researching a way to use Rift Storms for transportation, or for war. Hellcat Squadran is trying to reverse-engineer this to find ways of stopping Rift Storms from forming, or, failing that, at least control where and how often they form.


Rift Storms can vary in type, based on size or effect.

Artifact-Storms (also known as Gate class-Rifts)Edit

These rift storms have several things not in common with other Rift Storm Types: they generate faster (in minutes), are more undetectable, and can close in the blink of an eye. These can engulf anything the size of the Revenant Wings II and smaller.

City-Storms (also known as Traveler class-Rifts)Edit

These are only the size of a city, and can only transport or level anything that size or smaller.

Country-Storms (also known as Quantum class-Rifts)Edit

These are the size of a country the size of the Continental United States, but can teleport stuff the size of Russia.

Planetary-Storms (also known as Gillion class-Rifts)Edit

These are the size of Jupiter and can teleport things that size.

Megalith Rift StormsEdit

Although rare, these rifts are extremely huge, large enough to swallow galaxies or (still only controversy and rumor) even whole universes. These can be created anywhere, but can only go to the Hellcat Squadran Universe (like several drains to a single sewer line).

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