Reyna Hawke
Vital statistics
Title Bird of Prey
Gender Female
Race Unknown
Physical Age 23
Alignment {{{allign}}}
Faction Self
Tools Claws
Abilities Accelerated Self-Healing
Status Alive


Reyna Hawke is an assassin for hire from Mandalore. She was largely unknown to most before she was recruited by Ian Bauer for his first attack on Kaven Base, where she dyed her hair brown to fool the chasing Sean Renner into believing his daughter to be her, resulting in his death, his daughter's, as well as the deaths of Mark Renner, Aaron Stone, and Bryan Stone.

She was next encountered by Serra Urec, who discovered her fighting a man, both of which having varying styles of claws and rapid self healing abilities. Serra waited until both retreated to find blood samples and return them to Kaven as a favor to Hellcat Squadran. They discovered both to be of a sub-human species that had never been encountered before, but also appeared to have similarities of the blood discovered to having belonged to Arucane. Serra also recorded audio, in which the man Reyna was fighting revealed her name.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Reyna's personality is only known via encounters with her. She known to be ruthless and willing to do anything to either succeed or survive. Eyewitness accounts tell of her having supernatural healing of about one hundred times faster than an average human, as well has having fingernails which extend into thirty centimeter long claws.


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