Revenant Wings II
Revenant Wings II 3D Model
The Revenant Wings II
Vehicle statistics
Owner Coalition, Vaan, Penelo
Starship Class (if Applicable) 'Junk'-Ship
Starship Type Private Transport
Faction Coalition
Power/Weapon Systems
Special modifications
Status Operational

The Revenant Wings II is the main starship of Coalition Squad 'Explorer'. When Vaan and Penelo originally put it together, it was called 'a piece of junk.' However, when Jaina Solo and Lowbacca got into it, it became one of the fastest private starships out there.


General InformationEdit

  • Crew Capacity (Minimum Crew Requirement) - 2
  • Crew Capacity (Crew Requirement/Passangers) - 23
  • Cargo Capacity - 2950 lbs
  • Engine Type (Sublight) - Re-Built Mixed-Tech Engine (Covenant Repulsorlift/Klingon Impulse Engine)
  • AI Requirement - None (Compatable with 1)



  • Forward-Firing Magicite Shard Launchers (x3)
  • Forward-Firing Blaster Cannons (x2)
  • Missile Launchers (x4)
  • Forward-Firing Breen Energy Draining Weapon (x1, hidden)


  • 30mm Point Defense Cannons (x5)

Combat TacticsEdit

Occasionally in battle, either Vaan or Penelo will pilot the ship while the other, along with Jacen, Jaina, Tenel Ka, and Lowbacca operate the PD Cannons. When under the threat of Boarders, Lillian York will go EVA to eliminate any Rangers or Space-Troopers trying to board the ship.

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