Revaer (Vohrsoth Warrior(Reaver))
Vital statistics
Title Revaer
Callsign 'Ancient'
Gender Male
Race Vohrsoth - Reaver
Physical Age Over 900 years
Alignment Lawful-Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Reaver Energy Weapon
Abilities Vacuum/Zero-G Operation without a Space-Suit, Brute Strength
Status Alive

"Those things are evil? How the hell would you know?!"

"I'm over 900 years old. I tend to know these things."

- Derek Sanders and Revaer referring to the Borg

Revaer is a Reaver, the Warrior species of the Vohrsoth. He joined Hellcat Squadran and is in charge of the Genetic Research Division. He is the main creator of the Steel Knights.


Pre-Hellcat SquadranEdit

Revaer is Hellcat Squadran's leading expert on genetic research and organic manipulation, being the result of said experiments. When the Voyager crew destroyed the Forge, he was escaping after a rebellion of several Vohrsoth-Harvesters, a couple Vohrsoth-Avatars, and himself, him being the only survivors. He later was recovered by the Etherians. He and the Etherians, after meeting a Rift-Storm face-to-face, were met by Hellcat Squadran, who the Reaver joined. He was given the pseudo-nymn 'Revaer'.

Hellcat SquadranEdit

Because of being the product of this science, he joined as Hellcat Squadran's new head of Genetic Manipulation Research. One of his feats in this division includes cloning small reptiloid creatures resembling, but are not actually, dinosaurs.

Consortium WarEdit

The Time War marked the creation of Revaer's proudest achievement: the Steel Knights.

Personality and AbilitiesEdit

Despite the fact he willingly joined Hellcat Squadran, he occasionally refers to the other races as 'insignificant lifeforms' and says that he is 'genetically-perfectly suited for battle'. He seems arrogant, but, when it comes right down to it, he is the kind of person you would want watching your back.

Relations with other membersEdit


He both likes and dislikes IceBite. He feels that IceBite is a capable warrior, but his demeanor is 'too soft.'

Natalia LlehctimEdit

Revaer seems highly interested in Natalia, as, much like himself, she is the product of Genetic Manipulation.


Strength: 21
Agility: 14
Toughness: 23
Mind: 15
Ectoplasmic: 0
Force: 0
Elemental: 0
Psychic: 7


"Relax. I may be a scientist, but, genetically, I was built for war." - Revaer, to Ryan Ferran


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