Resonance Displacement Distortions are the result of the Xen Aliens creating a portal to their own dimension, these Distortions can cause massive damage including the fact it can displace xen fauna to random planets and other areas, it is said that it can be utilized for teleportation that is much more advanced then the transporters of the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, and the Borg. However resonance displacement is very unstable and can in some cases it can actually destroy anything. Many scientists of the Romulan Space Empire and the Vulcan Science Academy have been trying to create devices that could close these portals, however there have been many failures in trying to find a way to stop it.

Known Variants Edit

Resonance Displacement Portals Edit

These are weak distortions that are either the entrances or exits of Xen, they can't harm a human so it is save to use them, and they are also commonly seen in areas colonized by the Xen Aliens or Race X.

Resonance Cascade Edit

An event that is said to have led to the xen aliens coming to the universe, these can lead to various consequences including the fact it can actually rip a part a small military base in minutes however there has been only one known to have happened.

Known 'victims' Edit

  • An unknown facility in another version of the milky-way galaxy.

Resonance Displacement Super Distortion (Super Portal) Edit

Super Portals are rare large interdimensional rifts between Xen and the Hellcat Squadron Universe, these interdimensional rifts are the size of dwarf planets or moons, they are the main entrance and exit for Xen Aliens and Race X

Known Variants Edit

  • The Xenian Trench
  • An unknown variant located in another version of the milky-way galaxy

Portal Storm Edit

Portal Storms are weaker versions of super portals, they are about the same size as a supercell, however instead of being interdimensional rifts they release unstable Resonance Displacement Portals that when they hit a solid surface create a shockwave that devastates a large area, such as a small town.

Known 'victims' Edit

  • The Skakdi homeisland of Zakaz however it only damaged part of their military branch
  • The Vortixx homeisland of Xia
  • A Miraluka colony located on the same planet as the previous victims.

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