Reid Lenshur
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Physical Age 22
Alignment Chaotic Good
Faction Hellcat Squadran
Tools Psychic powers, Telekinetic powers.
Abilities Psychic powers, Telekinetic powers.
Vehicles Any
Status Alive


Reid was born to a wealthy british-german family in London. He discovered he had psychic powers at the age of seven and developed them ever since. When his parents found out, they tried to shut him away from the world. He proceeded to blow out a chunk of the house and run away to North America when he was seventeen. He lived in Toronto, Canada for the next five years before meeting Rick Greene, a runaway from the Intergalactic Republic, and assisted him in the world. It was then they both stopped aging and stayed friends for a long time before being recruited by Clauida and Kira Sigurdson.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Reid has a certain belief that people need to earn respect, and does not show it to everyone. He resents people who fear others for their supernatural abilities, and does not think that so many without said abilities should be in power. He enjoys messing with others, sometimes using his powers to prank others. He also believes that in drastic events, dictators should rule, but only until the event is solved. He is a strong psychic and telekinetic and is known to be a nightmare on the battlefield.

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