Rebel Advent
Vital statistics
Type Pseudo-Religious Civilization
Leader Coalesence <>
Head of State Coalesence <>
Head of Government Coalesence <>
Commander-in-Chief Coalesence Ganila
De-Facto Leader (if Applicable)
Affiliation Citadel Federation
Language(s) Unknown (Telepathic)
Composite Races Human (Advent)
Date Formed Unknown
Conflicts Involved In
Status Active

The Rebel Advent are a splinter group of the Advent. The Rebel Advent are more accepting of outsiders than their counterparts, the Advent Loyalists, although they're murderous where their counterparts are involved.

It was a Seeker Vessel pilot of the Rebel Advent, Thelia, who made First Contact with Coalition forces, after being locked out of Rebel Advent space when the Advent Loyalists attacked and the Rebel Advent prevented any of their ships from entering or exiting their territory during the attack.

Ship ClassesEdit

Strike CraftEdit




Capital ShipsEdit




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